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Abuse & Rape Prevention

1 in 6 Women have experienced a completed or attempted rape...*

...Let the Petrosino Personal Protection Training Center help you avoid becoming a statistic.

Life is short. Don't be a victim.

Rape prevention classes are designed for everyone, but...

If you've answered "yes" to any of the previous questions, it is very important that you learn self- protection techniques immediately.

Rape Prevention Classes Are Now Available

Only 40% of rapes and sexual assaults are reported*. Don't become a statistic.

Our classes teach you state of the art personal protection methods in a comfortable and relaxed environment. You will also be learning the Street Protect Principle™ which trains you to become adept at using common sense and common objects in your defense.

Train your mind and the body follows

Enroll in one of the many classes available at the Petrosino Personal Protection Training Center.

This is an ideal way to improve your physical health while training yourself to recognize and react to danger.

Please call or email today to schedule the right class for your needs and circumstances

*Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

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