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Children's Safety Program

Good Grades ● Health ● Self Confidence ● Safety ● Protection

These are some of the benefits your child will receive from our programs.

Martial Arts will give any child the tools necessary to become... A Success in Life

We live in a time of video games, internet cable TV, and fast food. Inactivity, high calorie diets and physical education budget cut backs are becoming a part of our culture. Petrosino Personal Protection Training Center gives children a positive way to burn calories and socialize with quality friends in a safe setting. We teach the importance of goal setting and reaching for that next level of accomplishment. We also emphasize listening skills and the importance of teamwork in an educational setting.

Martial arts is a great way to kick-start weight loss, physical fitness, toning and building muscle. Each child will will be trained at their own pace based on fitness and ability. Benefits of our program include better health, better balance and an improved sense of psychological well being.

Self Confidence

Teaching the values of character, preparation, teamwork and learning that mistakes are inevitable occurrences that we learn from, will help make your child better able to deal with what life throws at them, making their dreams easier to attain.


Good hygiene and physical conditioning are goals that we set at our center to assure our students' health and wellness. With a strong, well developed mindset, we know that a child would be in a far better position to succeed in life.


We teach students how to be more aware of their surroundings, both physical and situational. Knowing one's environment is a key element of personal safety. Sound decisions in life are made more effectively when one sees the full picture, which requires awareness.


The Personal Protection Program at our center is different from any other martial arts or self defense system. This program was designed especially for children as it is not based on size or strength. Your child can learn how to defend against grabs, chokes and bear hugs even if they come from an adult attacker without causing your child any harm. These techniques are proven and easy to learn.

Mr. Al Petrosino, owner of Petrosino Personal Protection Center has experience in The Child Safety Network and The National Security Alliance for Missing and Exploited Children. He designed this program to work for any child. He has given numerous seminars on personal safety and personally works with every student as well as working with the After School Programs helping to build children's character.

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