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Law Enforcement & Security

Suspect in Custody SPP™ for Security and Law Enforcement

Level One: Tactical Control and Diffusion Techniques which, for many private or public security and law enforcement agencies, will be the first phase of legal compliance as it pertains to the control an aggressor. It was developed to control, diffuse and disarm. It is a tactical control system based on most conceivable attacks, and encompasses personal well being, subject safety and full circle liability. All security and law enforcement professionals should be concerned about the potential for litigation. SPP takes away that worry with compliance, diffusion and trigger activation avoidance techniques.

We cover all levels of forces in the State of Ohio.

Level Two: Weapons Disarm System for firearms, edge weapons and impact weapons as they pertain to so called "no win" situations. This is a true weapons disarmament system with realistic techniques for the street.

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