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Charles K.

I am a student at Petrosino's Personal Protection Training Center. I have been a student since 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of Mr. Petrosino's classes. The classes are serious, yet fun. I am physically challenged and travel on my own by wheelchair in the daytime and nighttime and thought I'd better learn how to defend myself just in case. Even though I am physically challenged, I would say that I can do about 90% of what the other students can do. He teaches me at my own pace and NEVER gets impatient or give up teaching me anything no matter how long it takes to teach me. He and his instructors teach me both in and out of my wheelchair. I have come close to using what he taught me in my wheelchair before. I can also use safety tools that he taught me how to use.

I checked out other self-defense sources like the PAL, YMCA, etc. Nobody has classes for the physically challenged. I also checked out a school on Portage Trail. Because the building is inaccessible, the head instructor offered to give me private lessons at home but when he saw me in a wheelchair he told me "You can't do anything in a wheelchair." He wanted to teach me weapons only, which won't cut it nowadays. Then I met a friend whose family were former students of Mr. Petrosino. He recommended the classes highly so I tried a free class and got hooked on them. I attend as many classes as I can because they are all different. Mr. Petrosino and staff can teach people no matter what limitations or physical challenges they may have.

I would highly recommend Mr. Petrosino's school to anyone, young or old and especially the physically challenged. Mr. Petrosino teaches both martial arts and his own program called Street Protect Principle. Street Protect Principle is the program I belong to. I learn both martial arts and how to protect myself on the streets where there are no rules. Come and try a class for yourself. You won't be sorry.

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