What would you do in the face of danger?

Do you have the confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones?
Life is short. Don't be a victim.


The world we live in today is becoming more threatening with each passing day. Through our exclusive Street Protect Principle™ (SPP) we can teach you the skills and knowledge needed to protect yourself. Our workshop participants learn how to defend themselves in a manner that does not expose them to future legal problems.

SPP can provide you with the critical skills to protect you in the face of danger. The course is designed for everyone regardless of age, experience, size, gender or previous training. The system is focused on disarmament techniques. Training is with certified instructors who will teach you the skills that can protect you and your loved ones.  

We specialize in classes for:


It’s not martial arts, but a practical application of self-defense for the world we live in.

Children's Safety Program

Help your child achieve good grades, health, self confidence, safety and protection.

Teachers and Administrators

Teachers need to be proactive in safety.


Stop the fear and start living again. Learn how to protect yourself.

Abuse & Rape Prevention

Let the Petrosino Personal Protection Training Center help you avoid becoming a statistic.

Law Enforcement & Security

We cover all levels of force in the State of Ohio.

Weapons Disarm Program

How would you disarm an attacker while getting groceries from the car or helping a loved one?

"An ounce of prevention is being proactive in safety"™


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