Self Protection Tips Everyone Should Know

When approached by a stranger, be attentive and look the person in the face.

View the area left to right, just as you read, as a memory aid.

Keep a cell phone with you whenever feasible. Program emergency numbers into your phone's contact list.

Stop, look and listen. When you walk, know your surroundings and avoid poorly lit areas.

Trained actions are more affective than random actions, so practice self protection principles. Only practice will instill muscle memory, critical when your reaction may save your life. 

Travel tips:

  • Travel with a large group, or at least one other person
  • Ensure that your home appears to be occupied: Keep the grass cut or the snow removed. Ask a friendly neighbor to park a car in your driveway. Use randomly timed lights inside your home.
  • While driving a car, make sure no one is following you. If you feel threatened, use your cell phone to call 911.

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